A Grateful Heart

Gabriel OMIN
3 min readAug 19, 2019

I have no mystery to crack. There is no Hebrew or Greek translation to what I have to say. This is a direct shot to the vein. It is about gratitude. Let’s go.

A week ago, I got back after a 3-weeks stay in Lagos. I enjoyed myself there. Remember I was on vacation. As such the traffic was not a big deal. I did my own thing. My kids enjoyed it. They love seeing many people in one spot. They are not used to it. If I had let Colourful, he will stick his head outside the car through the window. Colourful by nature.

My kids met with their friends, went to the cinemas, had gourmet dinner here and there. My wife experimented with this food and that food. Local man was quiet, hoping she does not pick the ones that will make the ATM bounce (please don’t tell her I said this. I like my life the way it is. Lol). Local man kept smiling “Darling, just pick and let me pay. What can I do without you?”. “Oh, my darling…..”

Upon my return, I noticed that car fuel’s level was down and I went to fill up. It was routine. Met the guy at the filling (gas) station, we had our banters. Then chit-chat. Then paid. Voila. I moved on.

About 100 metres, from the filling (gas) station, it occurred to me that this was a big deal. I gave it some thought. Those thoughts took me on a journey. Before I knew it, I was home. Parked the car and sat inside for a while.

I muttered some words of prayers to God. My prayers were those of gratitude.

I was grateful that I could afford the fuel (gas).

I was grateful that I had a car that required fuel (it could have broken down or had serious problems that will cost much to fix).

I was grateful that I could drive. Yes. Driving is a skill and I acquired it. It also means my cognitive skills are not impaired.

I was grateful that I could speak English, which makes me employable. Speaking English means I can converse with about 50% of the folks on the surface of the earth. Speaking English enabled me to chit-chat with the fuel attendant.

I was grateful that I was healthy enough to drive. You need to be in good health to man the wheel. Yes, Jesus took the wheels but I was there to take instructions from Him.

I was grateful that I could see. You need sight to drive.

The list goes on…..

Before I knew it, I went on and on. It was unplanned but that moment took a life of itself. Call it “Epiphany”, Call it “Eureka”. Whatsoever it was, it was a time to stop moving from one task to the other mindlessly. It was time to thank God for his goodness even in the things that seem routine, ordinary, prosaic and banal.

What are you grateful for, today?

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