First Things First

How else do you tell people to get their priorities right without saying those legendary words — first things first. Infact, you would not be wrong if you say “first first first”. Important things are said thrice. Quote me.

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God…..

Priorities are things to be taken seriously. You must have them covered because if you do not, other things will not happen. Priorities are on the critical path to success. We all know what priorities are and so I know I am singing to the choir.

Assuming you need to go to a foreign country, you have paid for a ticket. You got the travel date. You booked a hotel, scheduled the seminar that you planned for, and then arrived at the airport to board the plane. The boarding retinues start and then you get to the immigration, you are asked for a passport. You said you forgot it at home. You bring another means of identification. The folks take it and identify that it is you. Then they ask, how about your visa to the country. Then you start speaking Queens English in your locally acquired foreign accent that sounds more German than English. Well, after all that is said and done, you are denied entrance unto the airplane.

So what went wrong, seeing that you did all that is required to travel to a foreign country?

From what we can see, you did NOT have a valid visa for your travel.

You may say you are first amongst equals, a prince from a respectable noble family, on the top 10 wealth list, etc etc….no matter who you are, you need to get your visa status sorted out before you can go ahead to make other travel plans. So the visa is a priority.

Do not be upset with me for how banal my example of what a priority is. I am trying to drive at a point. Identifying a priority is one of the easiest ways to achieve a goal. If you do not identify what is the priority, you will end up working hard to sort out the other issues but get back to ground zero. In other words, you did put in a lot of effort but no result. You had an “A” for effort (nobody can deny that you put in the work), however, you will have an “F” for result.

Let me start from where the scriptures show what a priority God is in human life.

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God…..

God has to be at the beginning of everything that we do. From the very beginning, God did x,y,z. This sets a precedence for the things that we do as people of God. GOD IS THE PRIORITY. See what the wisest man in the world has to say about Genesis 1.

One of the most significant things happened at an unnamed and unheralded wedding in Cana of Galilee. To date, we do not know who wedded. In fact we do not know why they were wedded. Was it a forced marriage or two consenting adults? We do not know. However, there is a reason why we remember that wedding. If I ask, why, I will get several answers. The most would be that it was recorded because either Jesus changed water into wine (which is a fact) or because it was the first recorded miracle of Jesus (fact) or it showed how a son should honour a mother (fact). All that was stated is true.

But I will beg to disagree.

Let’s look at how John 2: 2 records the incident

Jesus was invited to the wedding and that made a difference. This is the eureka moment. Jesus the difference-maker was invited. Jesus, Him that came to lead man back to God was invited.

First things first — Jesus was invited — that is why we get to know about that wedding. Every other thing that happened in that wedding was an offshoot of the invitation of Jesus.

Jesus was invited, that was why the wedding event was not interrupted because of a lack of resources.

Jesus was invited that was why a miracle happened.

Jesus was invited, that was why his disciples got to know in verse 11 that he was the messiah.

Inviting Jesus to that wedding was a priority. First things first. First first first.

We cannot live a life that neglects God, put Him in a cocoon, and only approach Him when we do not have a choice. It is why God asks for our very best. He is not shy to ask for that. Oh, that is why he asks us to serve Him in the days of our youth. You think I just made it up. See Ecclesiastes 12:1. Infact let me put it up.

Having God in your life is a priority

Keeping the relationship warm is a priority.

Consulting Him on all matters of your life is a priority.

Keeping your fear of Him in your heart is an ultra priority.

And most important, keeping His words as the absolute in your life is a priority.

Keep all these as “firsts” and you will develop habits that will help and serve you through life. It will enable you to develop a love relationship that you can always count on.

First Things Firsts.

Never forget that.

Never forget God in your affairs.

First First First. Important things are said thrice.

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