If It’s Free; Someone Paid

Gabriel OMIN
2 min readAug 3, 2020

Nothing Is Free. Nothing Is Free. Nothing Is Free.

If you get something for free, know that somebody somewhere paid for it. I will give you a conversation that occurred between me and my son.

Some days ago I went to the supermarket. After getting what I required I could not pay. The manager told me to go and make payment later. As I walked out, my son asked if the stuff was free. I told him nothing in the world is free. You have to pay for everything.

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As we drove back I taught him basic economic principles on why you pay for things. I started at the top. If you get anything for free in life, know that someone paid for it. It is free to you but someone somewhere picked the cost.

So if we don’t pay the supermarket, they will not have the money to buy and restock. If they cannot restock, then the workers lose their jobs and the shop will close down. If the workers lose their jobs, then they cannot pay their rent, school fees, and eat. So that is an economic loss.

Also since the supermarket is out of business, its suppliers have no one to sell to. This might lead to the suppliers also closing down. That means another set of parents will lose their jobs and the same thing that happened to the first set of parents in the supermarket will happen to the parents with the suppliers. The cycle continues; affecting the farmers who sell to the suppliers.

My son told me “That makes sense, Dad. That means we need to pay for things that we get”. I agreed. Oga took the lesson too far. As we entered the house he was monitoring me and every five minutes he told me to pay on time so that Aunty X and Uncle Y should not lose their job.

To date, he monitors everyone to ensure they pay for things they take from others. He is also educating others. The young man goes around saying “Daddy, do you know nothing is free?” He goes on to give an example. The End


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