Me, Jephthah & Retold Stories

The real story here is that Jephthah went on to be a warrior despite the facts. He did not whine about the fate the life had dealt him. He did not allow his past drown him. He forged ahead.

Verse 2 states what happens to social outcast like Jephthah; they are cast-out after a while of tolerance. If he was ordinary no one will bother but he chose to be different and his difference haunted him. I am sure his brothers have thought it wise to throw him out given his status before he even thinks of his father’s inheritance. Let the blue blood reign.

When you have THE solution, the world will beat a path to your doorstep despite the barriers that would have hitherto dissuaded them to even consider having a chat with you.

Verse 12 -27 Jephthah negotiates with the Ammonites. He gives a historical perspective of why things are the way they are. He tries, in many missions, to make the fellas in Ammon to see reasons. Series and rounds of negotiation ensues but to no avail. By Verse 28 we are told “Howbeit the king of the children of Ammon hearkened not unto the words of Jephthah which he sent him.”

In my opinion, he did not need to make any promise. He would just asked God for the victory. This is one thing that has plagued the Church of God of recent; we ask for things with conditions. It makes God laugh. I am just imagining my son asking me for stuff with conditions. “Hey lil’ bro, I am your Dad. It is my responsibility and pleasure to take care of thee”.

I think Jephthah was desperate and he needed this victory by all cost. Think about it. This victory will mean a lot to him. It would mean that his people will accept him back and it will not stop at that. He was going to be their new leader. This was going to be a defining moment.



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Gabriel OMIN

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