New Year…Yes yes yes. One is about to commence.

Yes it is time to set those goals and be determined to get things moving. I am with you on it. December 31st comes and magically things change on January 1st because it is the first day of the year. Yes, that happens because you are involved. Your things are different.

Ehm, it is ok to fool others but fooling yourself …on multiple occasions is not nice. What do you think ?

If you are not fair to others; the least we expect is that you should be fair to thyself. To thyself be true. You get where we are heading ? Some self-search will help in order to know where to go from here.

Get a journal and write down the things you will want to keep, those you want changed. Think through it and see the best ways to navigate.

I will say one thing and it seems certain: the number of times you will go back to that journal and the tenacity to keep going back will determine how persistent you are as concerning your goals. This is how success is baked.

Let’s get things moving. I will share a thing or two and hope you get something out of my chit-chat.

There is Nothing To Prove To Anyone.

Most times I see people that are on some goals just because they want to prove someone wrong. Hey ! that is massive waste of time because by the time you are done achieving your goals, that person would have moved on or not even acknowledge what you are trying to prove.

Stop trying to prove anything. People are too busy living their lives to stop and think of you more times than their issues of life permits. Those who have our time, have your time despite the numerous times you have failed them. Try not to fail them again. That is what you must focus on.

No One Owes You Anything

The wise person knows when to dig deep and double down on his / her own and also when to reach out for help. Genius is defined by knowing when to do that. You are not an island and we get that but just know that we will all be glad if you can sort out the things that are within your control and reach out when you REALLY need help.

If you are always looking for help, your friends will thin out (note to self).

They will become weary and will not even know when they disappeared from the scene. It is an unconscious act. Don’t be a burden; be a blessing.

People have things going on in their lives. If people do not have your time or render help when you needed it, it does not mean anything. It means they cannot render help at that point. Don’t take it personal. They owe you NOTHING. Get use to that.

Define Yourself For Yourself

If you do not define yourself for yourself, you will get caught up in other people’s fantasies. You need an additional degree, go get it but don’t do it because everyone is doing it. If you do it because everyone is doing it, you will be easily exhausted. You will fall by the way side. You will be easily distracted. You will have zero staying power.

Energy is expensive. Use it for things that matter.

So the easiest way to map out your way to success is to define where you are going. If you do that and define it and observe the operating conditions near thee, you are most likely going to know the best possible route to use and get to your destination. ‘Nuf said.

Face Life Squarely

There is nothing special about you or your circumstances. Others are going through “stuff” in different measures. You only know the ones that have told you theirs. If things are popping up for you, by all means enjoy. If things are not, then find a way to make it happen.

Whining about how difficult life is makes life even tougher. Why ? Those that would have helped will flee from your energy draining and oxygen sapping environment. Face life with the resources available to you.

Take Out Time To Celebrate

Schedule time, energy and resources to celebrate. Celebration invigorates. Celebration shows gratefulness and thankfulness. Reaching out to fellas that helped you with the good news is always exciting for both parties. If all I get from you is bad news, give me a good reason why I should be a dump for bad news.

In the legendary words of my grand mother,

“when it was bad, we were involved. Now that it is good, you have new set of friends”.

Try and remember those that served as ladders on your way up. It is just a good thing to do.

Have a great 2018.



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